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Malev Delays EGM To Resolve Financing

December 19, 2008
Hungarian airline Malev suspended an extraordinary shareholders' meeting on Friday which was meant to resolve the capital problems of the company, Malev said in a statement.

It said the meeting would be reconvened within 30 days but declined comment on local press reports which said Russia's Aeroflot might acquire a stake in the company.

Business daily Napi Gazdasag said on Friday Malev had significant debts and that the shareholder meeting may discuss a potential change in ownership.

Malev, which Hungary sold last year to AirBridge, a firm part-owned by Russian businessman Boris Abramovich, said the meeting, to be held within 30 days, would provide a solution for the situation of the struggling company.

"Malev, similarly to other players in the aviation industry, has faced numerous difficulties this year, such as the huge rise in the price of jet fuel in the first half of the year, the intensifying global recession in the second half, and the strike of Budapest Airport workers from December 10," it said.

"Despite all these (factors) the airline is operating and the shareholder meeting... which will continue in 30 days, will resolve the capital situation of Malev," the firm added.

Malev said the strike at the airport operator had forced it to cancel around 96 flights departing from Budapest, causing losses of several hundreds million forints.

In September, Malev said it expected to post an operating loss this year after jet fuel costs surged.

Earlier this year, Malev signed a financing deal with a Russian bank for a loan of EUR30 million euros to help maintain its liquidity position.

"The main problem for our company is not its outstanding debts, which are not unusually high considering the industry... It is primarily the method of resolving the capital situation which needs to be decided," the company said.

Malev said earlier this year it would lay off 400 staff, or around 21 percent of its active work force, and halted long-haul flights to Toronto, New York and Bangkok.

On Friday it said its work force had been cut by 250.


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Winter Storm Snarls Air Travel In US Midwest

December 19, 2008
A winter storm in the US Midwest resulted in widespread flight cancellations and delays, disrupting travel plans for thousands and testing the ability of the newly downsized airline industry to cope with weather-related problems.

Chicago bore the brunt of the snow and ice, which snarled operations at O'Hare and Midway airports. But as the storm headed east, airlines braced for traffic backups.

"Customers scheduled to travel on flights out of our Cleveland and New York hubs and other airports in the Northeast should anticipate delays and some flight cancellations because of the storm," said Continental Airlines spokeswoman Julie King.

The Chicago Aviation Department reported nearly 300 flight cancellations at Chicago's two main airports. At least 500 flights were cancelled at New York's three main airports, most of them at Newark.

American Airlines, which has a hub at O'Hare said it cancelled 45 round-trip flights from O'Hare because of bad weather. Delays ranged from 30 minutes to an hour. The carrier also canceled some flights in New York and Boston in anticipation of winter storms.

"We do thin out flights like that when the weather forecast is certain and we know it will help prevent backups later on," said AMR spokesman Tim Wagner.

US airlines reduced capacity this year to offset high fuel costs and to ensure pricing power as the souring economy erodes travel demand. During the year-end holiday travel season, downsizing brought about a 9 percent reduction of seats for sale, according to the Air Transport Association (ATA), an industry trade group.

As a result, airports are less crowded, but flights are at capacity. The ATA said planes will average 90 percent full during the busiest travel days, December 19 to December 27.

In the last two years, carriers have worked to head off operational disruptions that led to meltdowns at JetBlue Airways in February 2007 and American Airlines in December 2006. In those incidents, weather delays led to major problems that stranded passengers at airports and on grounded aircraft.

Some airlines now cancel flights in anticipation of storms to keep passengers from being stranded at boarding gates. Carriers also are waiving some fees for travelers who need to change plans because of the weather.

Delta Air Lines, for example, is offering refunds to travelers whose flights are canceled or significantly delayed. The airline also allows affected travelers to make one-time changes to their itineraries without fees if they are scheduled to travel to certain locations.

US Airways also is relaxing some of its fees for customers whose plans were impacted by December snow storms.

"The airlines just want to get through this as they do any kind of situation," said Terry Trippler, travel expert at TripplerTravel. "Generally they are very, very generous."


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Aer Lingus Opens Gatwick Base

December 19, 2008
Irish carrier Aer Lingus opened a new base at London's Gatwick Airport on Friday and rejected criticism from Ryanair about its business forecasts in an increasingly hostile takeover battle.

Aer Lingus chief executive Dermot Mannion told reporters he completely rejected Ryanair's accusation that the former Irish state carrier was making "contradictory claims and forecasts".

Aer Lingus expects its financial performance to improve in 2009 on the back of a cost-cutting deal with unions and the falling price of oil. It has previously forecast an operating loss for next year and has not yet given specific forecasts for 2009.

"The halving of the fuel price dramatically improves the prospects for the entire industry," Mannion said at a news conference in London.

He declined to give an estimate for operating performance this year or next.

Aer Lingus has come out fighting against Ryanair's EUR750 million euros (USD$1.05 billion) or 1.40 euro a share bid, its second in as many years, with plans to expand its short-haul operations with a new base at London Gatwick airport.

The former state airline said it will operate short-haul services to Ireland and European destinations from Gatwick, its first base outside Ireland.

The expansion will cost GBP100 million pounds in the first year and 120 new jobs will be created. Four Airbus A320 short-haul aircraft will initially be based at Gatwick and that is expected to grow to eight within a year.

"The Gatwick operation will complement our existing services out of London Heathrow, and position Aer Lingus for growth as we roll out new routes and bases in future years," Mannion said.

He declined to comment on a report in an Irish newspaper that said Aer Lingus was expected to restore the Shannon-to-Heathrow link it scrapped last year.

Ryanair said it was concerned comments made by Aer Lingus about its trading performance and prospects following the launch of its recent takeover offer were much more upbeat than those made in Aer Lingus' November 11 interim management statement.

"We, as a large shareholder, are concerned about some of these apparently contradictory claims and forecasts, and their impact upon Aer Lingus' forecast post exceptional net profit (loss) after tax for 2008 and 2009," Ryanair said in a shareholder letter to Aer Lingus.

In the letter Ryanair asked Aer Lingus to clarify the impact of increased costs, the loss of revenue arising from the elimination of fuel surcharges and capacity reductions as well as its expected defence fees.

Ryanair officially launched its attempt to take over Aer Lingus on Monday by writing to its smaller rival's shareholders, asking its all-cash bid despite the rejection by Aer Lingus board and management.

Ryanair, which already owns almost 30 percent of Aer Lingus, has said other investors should vote for the creation of a united Irish airline by January 5.

Ryanair, whose previous bid in 2006 was blocked by the European Commission on competition grounds, hopes the recent wave of consolidation in the sector will persuade the EU to allow a takeover this time.


Air France, Alitalia Talks For 2 More Weeks

December 19, 2008
Talks on a possible alliance between Air France-KLM and the consortium which bought Alitalia are set to continue for at least another two weeks, a legal source close to the matter said on Friday.

The Franco-Dutch carrier is tipped to win a battle with Lufthansa for a stake of up to 25 percent in Alitalia, which is being relaunched by the CAI consortium as a smaller, more efficient carrier.

CAI's senior executives have said they hope to propose their choice of a foreign partner to the consortium's board by the end of the year in order to have a deal in place when the airline is formally relaunched on January 13.

But the legal source said advisers to CAI and Air France-KLM were still working to resolve unspecified technicalities.

CAI has said it would favor Air France-KLM or Lufthansa over British Airways because the latter has said it is only interested in a commercial alliance, while the other two plan to buy a stake in the Italian carrier.

Italian media have said Air France-KLM is all but certain to notch up the alliance with Alitalia, helped by their long-term commercial ties.

The French carrier tried to buy Alitalia earlier this year, but the deal fell apart over union opposition. Both airlines are part of the Skyteam airline alliance.


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четвъртък, 11 декември 2008 г.

Air France-KLM Complains Over Austrian Air Sale

Air France-KLM registered a complaint to the European Union on Thursday over Austria's plans to sell its national airline to German carrier Lufthansa, saying the deal depended on unfair state aid.

Air France-KLM said a decision by the Vienna government to cancel a EUR500 million euro (USD$659.5 million) loan to Austrian Airlines as part of the sale to Lufthansa had not been on the table when Air France-KLM was itself considering bidding for the airline.

"Air France-KLM is convinced that the sale of Austrian Airlines to Lufthansa has not been carried out in the best interests of the parties involved or at a normal market price," Air France-KLM said in a statement.

"This sale therefore includes elements of state aid requiring detailed analysis by the European Commission."

Lufthansa signed the deal to buy loss-making Austrian Airlines last Friday in a move that would push it past Air France-KLM to become Europe's biggest airline.

In a two-step deal, Lufthansa agreed to buy Austrian state holding company OeIAG's 42 percent stake in Austrian Airlines and said it would take full control for up to EUR377 million once the EU Commission approved the tie-up.

Lufthansa chief executive Wolfgang Mayrhuber said after the December 5 signing he considered the risk of the Commission blocking the deal to be "close to zero".

The dispute comes as Lufthansa and Air France-KLM compete for an alliance with Italy's Alitalia.


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Wizz Air

Wizz Air е унгарска ниско тарифна авиокомпания със седалище в Vecsés, Унгария. Съсредоточи върху пазарите на Централна Европа компанията има оперативни бази на летище София, България; Ferihegy Международно летище Будапеща, Унгария; курвар Wałęsa Летище Гданск, Катовице Международно летище, Poznań-Ławica летището и Варшава Фредерик Шопен летище в Полша; Летище Букурещ Бъняса Клуж-Напока и международното летище, в Румъния; Boryspil международното летище, в Украйна. На 7-ми август 2008 Wizz Air обяви, че ще отвори своя 10-та база в Тимишоара Траян Vuia летище в Румъния, през март 2009 година Авиокомпанията е създадена през септември 2003 година. Основен инвеститор е "Индиго" партньори, американска частна фирма. Първият полет е направен на 19 май 2004 г. от Катовице, 19 дни след Полша и Унгария влезе в Европейския съюз и единния европейски авиационен пазар. Авиокомпанията извършва 250000 пътници в първите си три и половина месеца, почти 1,4 милиона пътници през първата година на операциите и към днешна дата, 10 млн. пътници. През 2007 г. Wizz Air извършват 2,8 милиона пътници по полски пътища. Изпълнителен директор на авиокомпанията е József Váradi, бивш главен изпълнителен директор на МАЛЕВ унгарски Airlines. Компанията е регистрирана в Лондон с оперативни филиали в Полша, Унгария и България. Wizz Air България бе създадена през септември 2005 година. Wizz Air е гласувал най-ниска цена на билет авиокомпания в Полша от читателите на pasazer.com, пътуване новинарски портал в Полша. József Váradi, главен изпълнителен директор на Wizz Air, печели "Ърнст и Янг награда на" смелите "Новатор" от 2007.През лятото на 2008 Wizz Air стана първата нискотарифна авиокомпания в Украйна. Wizz Air стартира нови услуги между Катовице и Лондон Gatwick през 2008 г.. Зимни от Варшава дестинации са Милано Бергамо и Гренобъл. През януари 2008 г., полети, също започна от Гданск до Гьотеборг, Bournemouth и Ковънтри. През лятото на 2008 г., Wizz Air рестартиран лятото само услуги от Катовице и Будапеща до Барселона (Гр), както и седмичните обслужване на нови Girona от Гданск. Други услуги от Будапеща са Международно летище Хераклион, Корфу, Бургас и Варна, от Катовице да Крит-Хераклион и Бургас, Варшава до Корфу и Бургас. Те също възобновяват с три пъти седмично услуга от Лондон Лутън до Бургас. Услугите ще започне от 15 февруари от Тимишоара, 1-ви март 2009 година от Букурещ, както и 1 май 2009 г. от Клуж-Напока. В българското разделение на Wizz Air е била възложена лицензията за да започне нови услуги в Гърция, Турция и Молдова. В момента Wizz Air България оперира полети от София до Лондон, Рим и Дортмунд, както и сезонните услуги от Обединеното кралство към Бургас. От 26 юли 2008 г. Wizz Air ще предлага нови дестинации от София до Варна, Барселона, Валенсия, Милано, Брюксел и ще увеличи броя на полетите до Лондон, Рим и Дортмунд от въвеждане в друг Еърбъс A320 да служи на новите маршрути. В допълнение към стандартната тарифа, пътниците трябва да плащат данъци и такси, гориво преразход, фасилити такса, мито въздух такса, такса обслужване на пътници, както и сигурността данък. Главно допълнителни такси включват такси за проверена в багажа и застраховки. Онлайн резервации кредитни карти понасят задължителна допълнителна такса от € 4 и телефонни резервации понасят задължителна допълнителна такса от € 10, на пътника. Wizz вече приема плащане с банков превод за без допълнително заплащане. Като цяло, всички тези допълнителни данъци и такси могат да се смятам за равен колкото € 55 в едната посока.